Data protection and third party collection


This website stores non-sensitive personal data of the users who register on it, we only store emails and addresses for deliveries or invoices and never credit cards. These data are necessary for the operation of the CMS, BLOG or STORE system. In all these cases, users will be identified only by their email to carry out the actions described in compliance with the precepts of the GPRD (European General Data Protection Regulation – RGPD)

In the case of data processes used by third parties for analytical management of the use of the website, advertising management etc. (Read Google and others) the responsibility is determined by their respective privacy policies if they are not located in the EU.


Apliasp Information and site purpose


Its purpose is to facilitate, to the general public, knowledge of the activities that we performs and the services it provides and at the same time disclose information that we believe is of interest on specific topics and that we have clearly categorized.

We are responsible for the exclusive exercise of the rights of exploitation, the rights of reproduction, distribution, public communication and transformation.


In compliance with Law 34/2002, of July 11, on services of the information society and electronic commerce, it informs you that its NIF is {} which belongs to {} with fiscal address at  {}, NUM .{} of city of {}.

Contract Conditions


This website makes online contracts from a purchasing page, all purchase and renewal contracts are registered and they are accessible from the private area of each client, if he has wanted to register in the purchase process, and could be made in one of these languages: Spanish or English. depending on the buyer’s decision. Clients receive a copy of these contracts via email upon formalizing the payment of their order.


Technical means

For online processing, the use of the secure TSL data channel with the maximum coverage insurance in the market will be used as a means of protection and as the only means of payment at the moment the “PayPal Companies” system with its own means of protection for its transactions and disputes. As additional protection, the use of Cloudflare enables us to defend against DDos attacks, providing us with a perimeter defense and more efficient delivery of our content.