These are the pricing packages available for your WordPress sites.

WordPress Ecommerce

499/€ year
  • 1 Domain included of type to choose (.com | .net | .org etc.)
  • 10 domain email accounts – From 1 GB to 30 GB.
  • Hosting on SSD disks from 50 GB – expandable.
  • DDOS Protection with Cloudflare – Prevent attacks on your domain.
  • Cloudflare APO – Automatic Platform Optimization – included for your root domain (your site can achieve a Grade A in web performance and access speed tests)
  • WordPress preconfigured with: Woocommerce plugin to manage your store and online orders with Paypal companies, Database MariaDB, the Cloudflare Plugin (to manage APO and Cloudflare statistics of unique visitors, Cache used, etc.), UpdraftPlus Plugin for backups, PolyLang plugin with 2 languages to choose from but you can add more.
  • NOTE: This package does not include web design, you must add the WP Design & Content package if you want us to design it for you and it is a one-time payment that will not enter with subsequent renewals of this package. This package gives you access to your new WordPress site to design it yourself using templates from the DIVI PRO theme design manager or the Colibri PRO page designer. You must choose one of these two that we integrate or integrate another on your own.

WP Design & Content

500 €
  • Access to data of your web project in our “MIcrosoft Teams” to be in contact online (videoconference or chat), define the works, create deadlines and observe progress.
  • Up to 15 pages designed in 2 initial languages (max. 5 Photos + 2 Videos per page, Carousel or Sliders with max. 10 Photos)
  • 1 Main menu designed in the 2 initial languages and with Logo.
  • Up to 20 product files configured for the online store with prices, image galleries and 1 video, if any.
  • For what is not included you must buy as many units of the Extras Packs as you need:
  • Page Plus Pack 1” for € 15 – We add another page with the same design as the others in 1 of the selected languages and with the same specifications as the existing ones.
  • Product Plus Pack” for € 20 we create a new product file with its images and featured image or featured video in 1 of the selected languages with the same specifications as the existing ones.

WordPress SEO+SEM

  • NOTE: It is an optional service pack to add to the WordPress Basic or WordPress ECommerce packages.
  • SEM Management, is the promotion of your pages for payment in which 80% of the amount of this package is invested. You will have monthly reports of clicks made on your ads and conversions.
  • We carry out an initial SEO or search engine positioning management of your initial pages and then a monthly monitoring, improving the texts of your pages if necessary.